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Spending time on a feature or a product that isn’t being used as intended?
Spending money but your technology can’t grow as fast as your business?
Watching your team not able to produce the high quality work they are capable of?

You are ready to scale your startup idea into a product with thousands or even millions of users, you just need expertise to suggest the right software architecture, mobilize the right talent, and adapt the right technologies that substantially boost your chances of success.

Or you might be a venture capitalist looking to invest into a tech company that you think is ready to make the shift. For due diligence you want to perform a technical audit on the company to ensure they have the right software architecture as a foundation for their success, they have the right talent in place to capitalize on it, and they’ve adapted the right technologies internally to ensure ongoing efficiency.

If any of the above resonates with you then it’s likely that Shirdal Solutions can help. Check out our services below or contact us if you want to further discuss the particulars of your situation in a complimentary assessment session.

Software Architecture

Technical decisions at a high level can either set your company up for success or put it in a position where your team starts accumulating technical debts resulting low maintainability, missing product timelines, and unhappy developers. We help you in architecting your software system to set up the foundation for long term success.

Technical Audit

If you are an angel investor or a VC evaluating a tech company for investment, you want to know if the company can deliver on its promises with the current state of their technology. We conduct technical audits on your behalf and provide you with assessments. This provides you with data to further strengthen your position and reduce risk.

Agile Process Improvement

For tech companies to run efficiently, produce high-quality software, and reduce time-to-market while maintaining the best customer experience, certain processes need to be in place from product ideation to launch. We help you achieve the next level of process maturity and be more agile.

Featured Projects

I have collaborated with start-ups and educational institutes my entire career. Please find the projects I have worked in different capacities and contact me if you have any relevant questions.

About Me

I am a tech enthusiast living in Vancouver into development of software solutions. My passions are mainly software systems architecture, web technologies, mobile platforms, and blockchain. If you are interested in discussing any potential collaboration in these areas, do not hesitate to send me an email. I also have extensive academic research experience in health informatics and virtual reality. Check out the projects and research I have conducted during my career and ping me if any of them interests you. You can view my industry resume here.

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